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Esary roofing installs all types of cedar shake and cedar shingle roofing products. The beauty of wood is unlike anything else because it is 100% natural.

Cedar shake roofs are easy to install and look beautiful. Repairing them is relatively easy, so they can last 50 years when cared for properly.

Although asphalt shingles have recently started being recycled, there are tons of them in landfills around the world with a whole lot more on the way. By comparison wood shakes are far more sensible, as they either rot or are re-purposed as wood chips, bark, etc. You may even consider certified cedar shake products that come from sustainable forests.


At Esary, we're committed to a complete awareness of how our products and practices impact the environment. This commitment allows us to help you review sustainable options, recommend products, and provide a clear picture of how your finished roof will perform for you, and for the planet.

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