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CUSTOM FLASHING: Esary Roofing is able to bend any type of custom flashings in their fully automated, metal brake. Full metal roofing packages are also available for purchase for contractors and homeowners.

Attention Contractors, need custom flashing for brick, windows, doors ,etc? We can help you out. We can fabricate any custom flashing you need in a quick time frame.

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Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle –

According to Ducker’s 2004 research study, the life cycle cost of a metal roof is significantly less than an asphalt or single-ply roof.

•The expected life cycle cost of metal roofs reported in this study is 30 cents per square foot per year, asphalt is 37 cents per square foot per year, and single-ply roofs is 57 cents per square foot per year.

Due to its credible long life and documented durability, metal roofing makes an attractive investment.

Life Cycle Cost of Metal Roofs

Based on a study conducted by Ducker in 2004, metal roofs have a significantly longer expected service life than either asphalt or single-ply roofs. According to Ducker findings, metal roofs are expected to last 17 years longer than asphalt and 20 years longer than single-ply.

Expected Roof Life Years

  • Metal: 40
  • Asphalt: 23
  • Single-ply: 20

Expected Roof Service


At Esary, we're committed to a complete awareness of how our products and practices impact the environment. This commitment allows us to help you review sustainable options, recommend products, and provide a clear picture of how your finished roof will perform for you, and for the planet.

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